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Kickstart your day with my 'green juice'

By Jeff Coopmans

Some of you are already thinking : I don't like the taste of green juice! But let me reassure you, I have convinced a few difficult and sceptic people

About 3 or 4 times a week I make this juice for breakfast.

I use my Hurom slow juicer, but I'm surenyou can use a blender or any other juicer as well, the taste and texture will be a bit different.

I got my slow juicer as a Christmas present and it is now my most frequently used kitchen tool, even when we go on a long holiday with the car I take it with me. So for me, it was a good investment, but before you want to buy a new juicer, do some research and ask yourself this : will I use it or will it dissapear in the closet after 2 weeks?

The secret ingredient to get a good tasting green juice are limes, they add the right amount of acidity to your juice and just get the taste right (plus they are healthy)

Here is my recipe (I never weigh my ingredients, so I don't have the exact quantities, but just experiment a bit with it and make it your own recipe)

green juice

Makes about 1 L
5 stalks of celery
2 carrots
About 150 grams spinach leaves
(A bit of kale)
Cucumber, about a half one
A piece of fresh ginger
A piece of a small hot red pepper
2 kiwi's
2 small apples
2 limes (without the skin, or you will get a bitter taste

Cut all ingredients in pieces that fit your juicer (if you use a blender I think it is best to cut everything in small pieces and roughly all the same size) and start juicing.
Sometimes I also add in a handfull of blueberries and raspberries.

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