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About Jeff Antwerp

Jeff Antwerp

The story of Jeff Antwerp all started in June 2013 when I, Jeff Coopmans opened my shop in Antwerp City, Volkstraat 9.

After years of professional experience in the interior industry I was in between jobs and felt the moment was right to put all of my knowledge and style in my own little shop. I was always looking for items that I wanted myself, because I still believe that it is more easy to sell those items because you are passionate about them.

From since I was just a little kid I always had an interest in decorating, interiors, architecture and styling (both clothes and interiors). My interest in food and drinks came years later, I never liked to try to taste something new, so I basically only ate pasta and drank coke :), but now I can't imagine my life without nice food, new restaurants,.. althoug I still eat my spaghetti once a week.

On this site you will find a selection of nice items in my online shop and also my blog.

My blog will handle a lot of topics that interest me, from interior design, fashion, food, travel,... So I really hope you like reading my posts and feel free to post your comments or contact me if you have any questions


To all of you, Thank you for visiting my website and happy reading and shopping!